Lessons – How it works?

My every anatomy lesson has unique features:

  • individualized teaching – everyone sees the world in other ways, I will do my best to find a sense which allows you to learn in the most effective way
  • education using figures – I present a large number of engravings, which makes it easier to understand many issues
  • helping to understand the topic – by using the rule „top-down” and well divided material which gives you better possibility to notice crucial relationships in anatomy
  • access to materials – after each lesson I provide a presentation and a mind map (summary form)
  • student involvement – I care about earlier preparation, because then learning is more effective

I live in Poland , so I teach online – I use Skype as a communication program, thanks to which I can display figures and show structures.

Duration – usually 1.5 hours, but of course everything depends on your needs.

Anatomical terminology – I teach both in Latin and English.